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intoworld by hf

Fly into the box... 

... said the ox...

... Then it knocks.

And he died at the docks

at zero clocks.

Came a man

stole what he can

all the oxes fortune and his wealth

hide it in a shelf.

Came the sheriff 

took a breath

gave the ox his wealthiness back.

Put the man into the box

(at three o clocks)

And the ox live by the docks.

Not to forget nine hogs -

they were the dogs of the ox

situated at the rocks

far away from the box and the docks

at twelve o clocks

when their waiter knocks

to fill them up with flocks.



 (draft of my Russell Norvig Wumpus world... -hf) (21 lines)


intoworlds by hf 8 10 16 KU DE
(about 20 objects)

➜ Number of poem lines and visible objects almost equal