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voluntary Heiko Friedlein Tax Rate 30 %, 0 deductions!

yin yang artwork from Heiko Friedlein. Personal imaginations over years. They show images in orange,

yellow, black, white and red. You can purchase them as mousepads, postcards and US stamps and combine

this artwork from Heiko Friedlein with personal ideas. The dark sketch is ballpen free hand motive Nurenberg

in Bavaria, Germany. The white sketch is pencil working out the appearance of a pumpkin also drawn in

Northern Bavaria, Germany. Red leaves standing like a group of trees on white background to provide a

contrast and a yellow workout with a green figure half lying in the lower half of the image. The US stamps

are also including the term artwork from Heiko Friedlein like a postcard does though here the term is blue.

The red leaves are oil painting and the yellow image is Acryl technique.

Personal expressions from myself in my surrounds.