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web interview with Heiko Friedlein September 2016: 




"What should I write?"


"Write a book."


"It´s too cold - I can´t sit at the Mac!"


"Use your Atom PC!"


"You´re right. I start."


It all starts like this. With a thought, or a brainwork in Florida, where I spend an


other´s pension in 20 years from now in the future.


Any problems with this? I can not see any, neither the human being change, nor the


time travel are a problem, because I control that.


And I do it rather well.


Ok, not perfect, but rather ok.


But that´s not the problem. The problem is in Florida. In Miami. Miami Vice Versa.


And what does that mean?




"Miami Vice Versa."




It means that there is a conspiration of a group of cops against a group of former


gangsters who were never guilty and are threatended of death, though.


"Tell me more."


The gangsters are four of them, Anoa, Bene, Cidi and Doozu versus five cops: I just


call them by numbers, Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.




So Anoa, Bene, Cidi and Doozu were never found guilty in Florida during their lives


up to their middle old ages though everyone always said that the group sticks of


danger, does not go to work, exploits the system and lives ignorant to standard 




The cops instead were highly admired as heroes in their neighborhoods, had a clear


life on paper and drove in Ferraris of red and black, wearing tie suits and leather


Samba slippers.


So while the Flamingoes stood there in groups, the two parties of cops and gangsters


clashed on January 40, 2038.


A Ferrari got smashed, ties torn, suits wasted, wasted wasted wasted time and all


and all and all and all


A clash. I am back in my thoughts.


The cops and the gangsters.


Who is guilty?


Is it you or me or them or this or that or those or these?


Who knows, maybe the Flamingoes if they were not goose or geese.


So there enters a spoiled comic figure in a black comic wearing his leather jacket


for 20 bucks years old, but very attractive and he decides to put every one of the


both groups aside and letz them play chess against each other - the police in white


(now ragged) suits in white and the gangsters in leather jackets, too in black


color on my chess square of 1,40 times 1,60 meters when they brought it from


Maputo to Miami but that is no problem in February 2038.


So they play their chess and all are 


rehabilitated from the terror to them and they know


they were wrong and feel sorry, thanks to the pädagogic chess square and everyone


but really everyone does now live in harmony and peace and the Flamingos salute


and love it and the citizens love it and I live it and the comic figure very 


attracive is on a piece of cartonage situated liveless but present and if it 


ever talks again, she would say that she loves me and she doesn´t belong to the




(Just to rhyme on peace.)




Maybe garage door. Garage door in an infinite row. To Io and beyond.


NOT Cubic row!


Cubic row, the poem that I lost, was long before.


And ice, on the floor. The floor to garage door.


At the Florida shore.