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Friction items klebefähig im Doppelpack herstellen und mit Einzellizenzen
vertreiben -hf für Patienten zum pimpen von Krücken!

... Seeking producer of medical precision parts in US DE and according or Jim does it -

➜ evtl. phosphorizing phosphorescent glooming green!

(c) Heiko Friedlein crutches stand through friction points on armrests innovation when parked,
the friction elements can be designed, e. g. in shape of little apes, clinging at armrests with back to wall:

Attachments of material with a huge friction factor on the termination points of the armrests of medical
These friction points are firmly connected with the rake so when it is parked at a wall the friction factor
of the whole medical tool is increased so it will repose even if its position is not orthogonal or almost
orthogonal to the ground.

The Anti skid rake for parked rakes is to help people who use it to more convenience in their daily life.
Problem: When a rake is parked e. g. at a wall, it easily slides to the side and on the ground when it is 
not parked straight enough.
The idea is, to put a slide protection in the form of mainly two e. g. rubber elements on the very out
sides of the armrest so the friction factor will increase and the rake will stay in it´s parked position.
The rubber elements on the outer ends of the armrest could also e. g. gloom in the night and are in a 
firm connection with the armrest.

The addition of elements e. g. of rubber material on the ends of the armrests of rakes to increase the
friction factor when they are parked e. g. at a wall so they don´t slide to the ground as easy as they would
without the attachments.

Heiko Friedlein Kulmbach Bayern

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